Kit White: printmaker - illustrator - cartoonist

About The Artist

Kit White is a printmaker, illustrator,cartoonist, and graphic designer. She graduated from Arkansas State University in 2001 with a BFA in Graphic Design…


Take a look at my creative process, artworks in progress, and a selection of finished pieces. More images are coming soon. 

Shop My Work

In addition to selling my work at local art markets and galleries, I have a selection of prints available for purchase online.

Well, that’s a “Relief”.

Relief Printing, that is. Relief or Block Printing has been used by artists for centuries. Blocks can be wood, linoleum, or other flat materials that can be carved. Think of it like a giant rubber stamp. What is carved out, doesn’t get inked.

Tools of the trade

I use high quality tools from Speedball and Pfeil for carving my blocks, which range from traditional “battleship grey” lino, to Speedball Speedy-Carves.

My inks are also by Speedball. The papers I prefer to print on are Japanese rice papers, but I am still experimenting with other types and weights.

I have 3 press options: my Woodzilla A3 hand press, the portable Pocket Press, and the small Open Press Project 3D printed press.

Small Works

Not all works are giant canvases or murals. Sometimes, it’s the smaller works that can make a room feel like home.

Recent Work

Work In Progress